Marco Onado presents Luis Llosa’s “Fire on the Amazon” and “The Burning Season” by John Frankenheimer

Marco Onado

A “routine” film on the ecological disaster of the Amazon rainforest and a fierce exposé tracing the life of Chico Mendes. Coming out almost simultaneously, the former is a typical Hollywood product (good screenwriting, the right level of spectacle and successful stars), obtaining a fair degree of success and still in circulation. The latter (filmed for TV) met with acclaim (3 Emmy Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for American TV) but has been consigned to oblivion by the official distributors. Both the former, and above all the latter, are useful, at least for those using the methods of the Samizdat against Soviet censorship. However, it is worth it. Both are important, because Bolsonaro’s Brazil wishes to accelerate the destruction of this immense regulator of the global ecological balance.