William Nordhaus


He is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. He has been on the faculty since 1967 and has been Full Professor of Economics since 1973. He has served on several committees of the National Academy of Sciences on topics including climate change, environmental accounting, risk, and the role of the tax system in climate change. He is on the research staff of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Cowles Foundation for Research, and has been a member and senior advisor of the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity, Washington, D.C. since 1972. He was a Director and served as Chair of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank for 2013-2015. He received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2018 for his studies on economics and climate change. He is current or past associate editor of several scientific journals. In 2004, he was awarded the prize of “Distinguished Fellow” by the American Economic Association (AEA), of which he was President during the 2015-16 period.