Live video broadcast

Conversations between economists led by the Scientific Director of the Festival, Tito Boeri, discussing topical issues and proposals for restarting the Italian, European and global economy

Video broadcast - Tuesday

Conversations with Innocenza Cipolletta:

Economics from the point of view of businesses. How the different sectors have dealt with the pandemic and the innovative opportunities that the crisis has offered.

Live video broadcast – Thursday at 18.00

Conversations ranging between disciplines: from science, history and anthropology to neuroscience and beyond; politicians, researchers and academics will discuss the economic situation using very different approaches.

Audio podcast - Monday

Audio podcast supervised by with the participation of the University of Trento. Here, in a straightforward but accurate manner, university lecturers will comment and explain the terms that are transforming our lives.

Video broadcast - Friday, alternating with Cineconomy

Tonia Mastrobuoni will report and comment on the most significant books on economics in the national and international economic and political debate.

Video broadcast - Friday, alternating with Suggested Reading

Film also has something to say about economics! Coordinated by Marco Onado.

A selection of over 700 lectures by experts, taking place during the different editions of the Festival. In the current situation, the reflections of illustrious economists and scientists help us to interpret the present day with a more in-depth understanding and awareness.