A selection of over 700 lectures by experts, taking place during the different editions of the Festival. In the current situation, the reflections of illustrious economists and scientists help us to interpret the present day with a more in-depth understanding and awareness.

  • The ruling class, growth and the common good (2014)
  • Has the democratic moment passed? (2008)
  • Is there really a conflict between efficiency and fairness? (2015)
  • Technology and Jobs: What did we learn? (2018)
  • A basic universal credit allowance? (2019)
  • Market ethics and corporate social responsibility (2017)
  • The frontiers of economic freedom (2011)
  • Capital in the 21st Century: a global history of inequality (2015)
  • INET Lecture: The Great Divide: new perspectives on inequality and how to reduce it (2015)
  • The global distribution of income: social and political effects (2018)